High performance windows places high at the south exposure Solar electric meter Super high efficiency Puron Condensor Tankless water heater Cedar panel reused from the interior demolition Food garden with drip irrigation Wood from demolition mulched and used as ground cover Drought resistant landscaping
Recycleable materials (stainless steel cables) Engineered wood conserves  resorces
Live Green
Daylight sensing light fixtures High performance windows High performance windows Cement composit siding,trim and overhangs. New cool rated roofing with reflective particles Light colored paving to reduce the heat island effect. Permeable Surfaces that allow rainwater to obsorb. Composit Door
& Prosper
Environmental benefits
Economic benefits
Reduces global warming impacts

Higher resale value

Enhance and protect ecosystems
Reduce operating costs
Improve air and water quality
Enhance value and profits
Reduce solid waste
Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
Conserve natural resources
Optimize life-cycle economic performance
Fosters recycling programs
Reduced vacancies
Saves resorces and money
Increased rent and lease amounts
Working in harmony with nature
Recoverable up front costs
Improved health and well-being
Improved health and well-being
High Performance (B+ and higher)
Effective (It works and it's Smart)
Durable (Living now for the future)
Heathy, Comfortible, Cost effective and Beautiful
Utilizes natural light and ventilation
Utilizes local products, services and supplies
Reduces the heat island effects
West Wood Construction
Quality Design, Building and Remodeling for 28 Years
Design to Completion
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